About Rabbit Tracks

Who are you?

Currently, I'm an associate professor in the Psychology Department at the University of Gothenburg. I usually deception, interviewing, interrogation, and other strategic social interactions. I'm a shameless, enormous geek. I also have a great fondness for rabbits.

Who/what is "RabbitSnore"?

First, RabbitSnore is a rabbit.  Second, RabbitSnore is a nickname and an online handle. I've used the name since I was a teenager, so "RabbitSnore" has a checkered history of adolescent mischief.

Note that I am writing here as RabbitSnore. As such, if you cite anything I post here, APA style dictates that you should refer to me by my pseudonym. This may be a source of either delight or dismay depending on how seriously you take yourself.

So what's your real name?

You're no fun at all. If you insist, Timothy J. Luke is the name on all my papers.

Twitter: @rabbitsnore
OSF: https://osf.io/2cxyj/
Psychology and law blog: https://www.exerciseinexceptions.com/